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Recent blog posts
In fifteen days I will finally be 25: old enough to rent a car, and to have a fully developed frontal lobe. At the beginning of the year, I knew that 2014 was going to be different, that the confidence I have gathering over the past few years will s...
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Ok as I thought somehow I couldn't help myself, but plan my Valentines visiting the two of them.  I took off of work after all. I couldn't decide which Tiffany I wanted to see more, & with the two of them working at different parties close ...
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However I still have plans to go see both Tiiffany's for Valentine's. Tiffany's bday celebration went well as in I did have a great time between my BFF and my date, but I'm even more confused & heartbroken about the mess of my love life then eve...
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This morning I wanted to drop the negativity and the pseudo-intellect for a while and take a moment to reflect on something I feel about living a life as a bisexual person. That is: Being bisexual is fucking awesome. I wanted to share something about...
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What are the odds?  Yet this kinda of stuff seems to always work out that way with me. 1 Tiff is my straight BFF who's Bday is Feb 12th  the woman I've loved for years). Tiff 2 my new potential love interest that I been flirting with for ...
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Simply put, this month as been hard as fuck. Even though I was determined to write bi-weekly (Heh, just noticed that pun!) for the new year, I was almost immediately thrown off track. It seems as though telling my life as it is, no flairs attached, i...
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I started masturbating at a very young age. So young, I didn’t really know I was masturbating. What I did know, was that the cold, soft faux silk of my nightgowns training across my vagina felt way too good, and combing through my new patch of pubic ...
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    Ever since I was a young girl I'd wanted to be a nun. I'd be raised in a very religious family and my pious mother in particular always made being a nun sound like the most pure and noble thing a woman could do with her life and even ...
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 For long as I’ve been writing this blog, one of the main ways new people find it is by searching for “bisexuality and depression”. I find that really sad, but nothing like as sad as the statistics about bisexuality and mental health. A major...
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When I was growing up, everything was black and white. There was never any gray. You were good or you were bad.You were honest or you were a liar.Smoking… bad.Drinking… bad.Masturbation… lustful and bad.Sex before marriage… horrible.Essentially ever...
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  Women in the 1990s: less likely to have sex with other women Over the past few days, there has been much discussion in the media about the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. Fifteen thousand peop...
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This is a re-post of a "classic" blog post writer by author Sue George. 1. Because almost everyone thinks almost everyone is really gay or straight. Or more probably straight or gay. There is no bisexuality. 2. Except among female celebrities, wher...
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A.J. Walkley

When I entered the Peace Corps and headed to Malawi after college, I was head-over-heels in love with a girlfriend back home. Before I even got on the plane to fly overseas, I was missing her terribly. I knew that the only way to cope would be writin...
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Despite what you may have heard in the Girly Girl News, Bi-girls are not always welcomed with open arms into the Les dating world.  It was a typical Saturday night in the Spring. I was out at a popular all girl party in a night life heavy secti...
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Personally I wanted my hair to come out more like a Devil's Lock then Bieber Bangs, but I am glad it's short again.                After having a minor identity crisis thinking this time I really have turned m...
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